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A word from Audrey's students...


​"Learning French with Audrey was a delight. With the foundation it provided, I was able to spend four months in France where I gleaned such a rich experience from my ability to communicate and appreciate the culture." - Christina C, St Kilda East


“I have been enjoying private lessons with Audrey for a few years now, and I find her lessons an invaluable aid to speaking French. Audrey is skilled at keeping the conversation moving from topic to topic, in a natural conversational manner, and I never feel awkward trying out a new phrase or word. She is patient and encouraging, and her explanantions are always clear and helpful. And I appreciate that she always manages to keep a straight face, even when I make a huge mistake! If you’re looking to learn French quickly but in a completely “safe” environment, you’ll love these lessons!” - Judy O, Northcote

"My 4 professional lady friends and I have been reaping the benefits of Audrey's French Lessons once a week for the past 4 years in a group lesson. She is an excellent teacher, endlessly patient, and imaginative, and always able to answer our curly grammar questions. With her guidance we have all continued to make good progress and are able to hold our own in conversations whilst in France, listen and understand the French News, watch films, and enjoy reading in French. Audrey's classes are fun, varied and culturally educational and a highlight of the week we all look forward to. In addition Audrey has made an invaluable contribution to both my son and daughter's success in VCE French. I highly recommend her as an excellent teacher for all ages and stages of proficiency in French." - Helen, Elsternwick


"Audrey’s lessons enabled me to achieve my best in VCE French. Her patience and approachability made it a pleasure to practice my speaking skills for the oral examination and her clear explanations allowed me to better understand grammar points and improve my writing. I highly recommend Audrey’s tutelage to anyone seeking to improve their French!" - Nick


"No dramas, no worries, just keep calm and speak French!" - this is how I would describe my experience learning French with Audrey. Audrey is extremely practical, resourceful and professional. She utilises modern technology and incorporates podcasts, apps, videos, websites and other e-resources into her classes, which makes learning French a fun and easy exercise. When I started French lessons with Audrey, I had a small baby and she was flexible and understanding of my needs when we scheduled the classes. We also became good friends during the two years I have taken her classes. I only stopped, because we had to move as my husband got a job in Paris. Now I get to put into use what I've learnt from Audrey and often as I go about my business in France I ask myself: "What did Audrey teach me? How did she say this?" I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to keep calm and speak French!"  - Szilvia, (previously Melbourne) now: Paris, France    


Audrey’s French lessons were always a joy! Audrey makes learning french interesting and fun, as she incorporates videos and different reading materials into each lesson. As a result, Audrey helped me achieve my best in VCE French. Her constant enthusiasm and patience during my lessons really helped me feel confident when learning French. In addition, Audrey is a grammar whiz, her grammar explanations are informative yet easy to comprehend. As a student who has always struggled with French grammar her explanations really helped me and thus led to a development in my writing and oral skills. I highly recommend Audrey for anyone wanting to improve their French! - Pascale Rodais, 21y/o Elsternwick, Haylebury

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